Where to research your customers

Everybody knows what your business does, right?

But what if you’re wrong?

Or what if they have questions your marketing doesn’t answer?

All marketing should have this simple fact firmly in mind…

Confused prospects don’t buy.

Fortunately, it’s easy to find out what your prospects are asking…

Below is a list of sites used by sophisticated marketers to research customers.

Take Answer The Public, for instance. You type in what you do and you get a wheel of questions people are asking online…

And you might be surprised.

With copywriting, for instance, our potential customers want to know what is a copywriter, when would I use one, and is it worth it.

What people want to know about copywriting, according to Answer The Public

So those are questions we address on this website.

Research sites recommended by marketers

If you try any of them, we love to know, what’s the question you get asked most often that you would have thought was obvious? Please send us a quick email at writers@taleist.agency.