Want to write better? Pick a better tune

When a client said he wanted the copy on his fitness website to have a Japanese sparseness, I knew what I had to do to get the tone right. It’s something that will help you with your writing as well. This week’s video explains what I do to hit different tones and moods in my writing.

If you set your own writing to music, let us all know in the comments section of the blog post.

I’d love to hear how it works for you. What’s on your playlist? What music works for what kind of writing for you?

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STEVEN LEWIS: One of my favourite copywriting tips is choose the music you listen to when you’re writing, carefully. When I was writing this site for a fitness company, I know they’re very influenced by Japanese thinking.They wanted that to come across in the language, so I got onto Spotify. I found a playlist of traditional Japanese flute music. That’s what I listened to while I wrote everything that’s on this website.

If you want to experiment with that before you actually write anything, try getting a slideshow of pictures of something that’s meaningful to you, and set that slideshow to some light classical music. Then, set that slideshow to some rock ‘n’ roll or something else. You’ll find that you look at the pictures in a completely different way because of the music that plays.

Give it a go. Choose your playlist carefully next time you have something to write. Let me know what you choose and what difference it made to you…