Want to stand out? Prove it.

Do you want a surefire copywriting secret for writing a persuasive website? If you do, support every claim you make with PROOF.

Maybe you really are the “leading” provider in your industry. But that’s meaningless if every competitor also claims to be the leading provider.

What you need is a way to PROVE your pre-eminence.

With proof of your claims, your credibility soars.

Proof comes in dozens of forms.

Taleist has a list of more than 40 different types of proof we go through with clients as part of our research. The types of proof we look at include things like:

Test results


Trust seals

High-profile clients

Media mentions


And several different types of social proof.

The list goes on and on.

Often the client will say “No, No…” as we work through the list. Then we’ll hit gold. We hit something guaranteed to make the client shine brighter than the competition.

But it’s something the client has never thought to mention before.

Now they’re not just making claims: They’re proving their claims so their credibility goes up.

And when your credibility goes up, so does your conversion rate.

This is just one of seven tips for things ANYONE can do to increase their conversion rate without any technical skills. You can get all seven conversion rate optimisation tips here.