Copywriting tip: Use what other people think

Can you spot the copywriting tip in this image?

As humans, we have a million decisions to make a day. The only way we can do it is to use shortcuts. You can make your copywriting more persuasive when you know what those shortcuts are and you use them to influence your readers.

A tip for using social proof in your copywriting

One of our human decision-making shortcuts is social proof. This video gives you some simple and some more subtle examples of using social proof to make your copywriting more persuasive.

Social proof for SEO – a link building tactic

When you’’re on the hunt for social proof, Facebook shares, Twitter shares, etc. are a great source of validation. They also create links and search engines love links, which is great for search ranking. If you’re looking to build social proof, growing it through links from other sites isn’t just a copywriting tactic, it’’s a brilliant SEO copywriting tactic.

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