The clever marketer’s way to bring visitors back to your website

So your website visitor didn’t buy. And they didn’t download your lead magnet either. Put those things together and it means you don’t know who they are. And you don’t have their email address. But that DOESN’T mean you can’t contact them

If you have a Google or a Facebook pixel on your website, you can start to show ads on Facebook or Google to that “lost” visitor.

Those ads will remind them who you are and what you offer.

You can even show different ads to different types of visitor.

If a visitor looked at one product or service on your site, you can show ads related to that product or service.

Tagging visitors with a pixel and showing them ads when they’re off your site is called “remarketing”.

Remarketing is how you yourself come to see ads from a company for days or weeks after visiting their website.

Plenty of people think remarketing is “creepy” — the idea that you’re following strangers around the internet.

Other people argue that it’s helpful — someone who saw your site but didn’t get around to taking action is given a breadcrumb trail to find their way back to you.

Whatever you think about it as a tactic, remarketing is very effective at bringing visitors BACK to your website.

And when they’re back on your website, you have another chance to convert them.

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