How your copywriting can prove you know what you’re talking about

You know what people who don’t know what they’re talking about absolutely love… They love jargon.

They love long sentences stuffed with bullshit.

Sometimes jargon is shorthand that speeds things up for people in the industry.

More often, jargon is baffling even to people inside the industry.

Ask two of them what one polysyllabic piece of nonsense means and you’ll get two different answers.

Your surgeon is an expert with more than a decade of training in science and technique.

Do you think any less of your surgeon because they say “spreading” instead of “metastasising”.

If you’re like most people, you’d be more comfortable with a surgeon you understood over one who baffled you.

Take it out of medicine and into business.

Do you think Richard Branson is an idiot because it’s easy to understand every word he says?

So why would YOUR prospects think less of you because you write in plain English?

In fact, test after test proves definitively, that the simpler your make your writing, the higher your conversion rate will be.

People DON’T trust people they DON’T understand.

People buy MORE from people they TRUST.

How to scrub the jargon out of your copywriting

If you want prospects to buy more from you because they trust you, try this with your website…

Find a friend who is not in your industry.

Ask them to read your website.

Then ask them to tell you what you do and why they should use you rather than someone else.

If they can tell you, you’ve nailed it.

If they start describing a business you don’t recognise as your own, you’ve discovered a massive opportunity to improve your conversion rate.

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