How to get your website visitors’ contact details (even if they’re not ready to buy)

Got a big CONTACT US button on your website?

There’s just one problem with that… And it’s a massive problem…

Only about 4% of your website visitors are ready to buy.

The other 96% are not likely to pick up the phone or email you.

Not right now because they’re not ready.

That’s 96% of visitors not ready to hit that Contact Us button and tell you who they are.

So how do you get more the 96% of to give you their details?

You think about what else they want.

Then offer that to them as long as they give you their email address.

That offer is called a “lead magnet”.

A lead magnet is something you offer to give a website visitor in return for their email address.

It’s usually something downloadable — like an infographic or a report like a list of seven things anyone can do to increase their conversion rate

When your visitor agrees to give you their email address in exchange for valuable information, yow who they are.

But that’s just the beginning.

Now you know who they are, you can follow up with them until they ARE ready to buy.

This is just one of seven tips for things ANYONE can do to increase their conversion rate. You can get all seven conversion rate optimisation tips here.

And of course if you would like help coming up with an attractive lead magnet to offer your visitors, please…