Killer Contact Us pages

One of these humble Contact Us pages will convert much better than the other. More importantly, which of them is more like your Contact Us page?

Here’s why it matters…

I’m often asked why the lowly Contact Us page is included in our critical website copywriting package…

“But the contact page is just for our phone number and email address. What would you write?”

That’s like Amazon saying its checkout page is “just” for credit card numbers. And as it’s just for you to put in your credit card number, why would Amazon’s designers spend any time working on it?

When in fact…

… The checkout page is the whole point of Amazon’s business. Where would Amazon be if people browsed but didn’t check out?

Isn’t your Contact Us page the same? Isn’t visitors contacting you pretty much the whole point of your website?

So which one of the pages in this post is more like your Contact Us page? And if it’s not like the winning choice, what will you do to fix it?

(And if you’re curious which is the winning choice, contact us for the answer.)