How Future Pacing Turns Prospects Into Clients

Future pacing in copywriting

Feel the warm breeze coming off the Andaman Sea while you sip Bacardi from a coconut… Think how you’ll spring out of bed when you’re 15kgs lighter…

Inviting your prospect to imagine themselves in the shoes of your clients is called future pacing. It’s copywriting’s version of trying before you buy. It works, but many businesses don’t even tell their prospects what will happen after they say yes, let alone to get them to feel it.

Here are two good reasons to future pace in the copywriting on your website and in your other marketing.

  1. Your visitors definitely have questions about what would happen next. If you’re not answering them, they might keep surfing until a competitor’s website tells them. Sometimes it’s just about detail — how long will it take to arrive, how often will I use it, how long will it take to start working…
  2. Sometimes it is about feeling. As your visitors mentally walk through your show home, tracing their fingers over the marble benchtops, they’re imagining your product in their lives. On some level they already own it; now they just need to make it happen in real life.

Tell a prospect what the process looks like and you calm nerves that might be stopping them from buying.

Take a moment to make your prospects feel like your clients, and you’ll know what it feels like to have a higher-converting website.