Copywriting’s answer to try before you buy

What’s the likely difference between these two pieces of copy for a hotel in Thailand?

Version one: “Our lagoon-pool features a full bar service.”

Version two: “Lounge by our lagoon pool, cooled by an Andaman Sea breeze while you sip Bacardi from a coconut…”

I don’t know if people still drink Bacardi, but you get the point.

Help your prospects imagine what would happen after they say yes to you and they’re more likely to give you that yes.

Inviting your prospect to imagine their lives after taking you up on your offer is called future pacing.

Future pacing is copywriting’s version of trying before you buy.

You imagine yourself, if only for a second, as a guest at the hotel in Thailand — the sea breeze over your Speedos, the rum, the total relaxation.

And YOU’RE not off the hook just because you don’t sell something exotic.

Future pacing is as relevant to accountants as it is to beach holidays. How do your clients feel now — overwhelmed by cashflow problems? And how would they feel after you solved those problems for them?

Probably ready to celebrate with a Bacardi in a coconut.

Have a look at your website or landing page. Are you future pacing your prospects?

Are you just telling them what you do or are you letting them feel how they would feel after they said yes to you?

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