Why even your best customers aren’t buying what you’re selling

Even your best customers probably aren’t buying what you’re selling. Why? Because what you’re selling is a collection of features. And what your customers are buying is a collection of benefits. What do I mean by that and why does that matter? Most websites concentrate on selling the features of their product or service —…

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How your copywriting can prove you know what you’re talking about

You know what people who don’t know what they’re talking about absolutely love… They love jargon. They love long sentences stuffed with bullshit. Sometimes jargon is shorthand that speeds things up for people in the industry. More often, jargon is baffling even to people inside the industry. Ask two of them what one polysyllabic piece…

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Want to stand out? Prove it.

Do you want a surefire copywriting secret for writing a persuasive website? If you do, support every claim you make with PROOF. Maybe you really are the “leading” provider in your industry. But that’s meaningless if every competitor also claims to be the leading provider. What you need is a way to PROVE your pre-eminence.…

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The great About Us page lie

The second most visited page on your website is a lie. Why? Because you’ve called it “About Us” and it’s not supposed to be about you at all. Change that in your copywriting and your conversion rate will go up. The reason is simple. Your website visitors are looking for someone to solve a problem.…

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How copywriting can make your competitors irrelevant

Would you like to make your competitors irrelevant? With the right information, you can. There are three things your clients can’t tell you themselves, which is a shame. Why? Because if you knew what those things were, it would make the competition disappear. Fortunately, you can discover that information for yourself (as long as you…

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The business book rant that went around the world

How my rant about PR (disguised as a how-to book) went around the world and ended up in Russian The press release emailed to me was pitch perfect. The subject line grabbed my attention by including the title of a book I’d written — How to Write Perfect Press Releases. The first paragraph raced to…

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Want to make your competitors irrelevant?

This video shows you the copywriting trick that makes competitors disappear.

You'll be glad you did