Copywriting a perfect About Us page for your website

Security Tactics example About Us page

About Us page copywriting secrets that will have clients queuing for your services Great website copywriting is all about building trust, especially on your About Us page. It would seem, therefore, that lying to the people who visit your website would be a recipe for disaster. Except this once… Titling a page “About Us” suggests…

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Copywriting’s rocket fuel. Are you using it?

Copywriting and desire

Desire is to copywriting what oxygen is to rocket fuel No one walks into a car dealership and asks which model will make them look the most successful — let alone the most virile. But no one spends $90,000 on a car because a Mazda wouldn’t hold the road well enough on the way to…

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How to write a press release [Infographic]

This “how to write a press release” infographic accompanies the second edition of my book How to Write Perfect Press Releases, which is available on Amazon. Although Taleist no longer offers public relations advice, we’re making the infographic available here to celebrate the impending release of the Russian edition of the book. If it helps…

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How Future Pacing Turns Prospects Into Clients

Future pacing in copywriting

Feel the warm breeze coming off the Andaman Sea while you sip Bacardi from a coconut… Think how you’ll spring out of bed when you’re 15kgs lighter… Inviting your prospect to imagine themselves in the shoes of your clients is called future pacing. It’s copywriting’s version of trying before you buy. It works, but many…

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How Copywriting Can Make You More Likeable to Clients

4 ways copywriting makes your clients like you more

Shock. Horror. Hardly believable. People like people who are like them. Hang on, because that’s not the shocking part. The shocking part is how few businesses use that everyday knowledge. Want your clients to feel that you’re just like them? First thing: make sure you sound like them when you write to them. But how…

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Psychological Trick that Earns Thousands in an Hour

This psychological trick earns Byron Shire Council thousands of dollars on the first Sunday of every month… Without speaking, the drivers of the cars in this picture convinced each other to make the same mistake. How? When we pulled up at Byron Markets, we couldn’’t believe our luck: a rockstar parking space opposite the entrance…

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How would you feel if I bought you a coffee?

We’’re taking you out for a copywriter’’s coffee for two reasons. We tell you something fascinating about coffee. (We’’ll bet you didn’t know this.) We finish our series on the six principles of persuasion. As copywriters, we’’re most interested in using them in website copywriting and other writing. Could reciprocity help your SEO? I might…

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A marketing tip from the Mob

An old lady, a napkin and $5 was all it took to keep Joseph “”Joe Bananas”” Bonanno’s son Bill from falling into a very bad habit. What did the napkin say and what could this mobster’’s story teach you about marketing? Not expecting the mob to have copywriting tips? As a website content writer charged…

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