Why even your best customers aren’t buying what you’re selling

Even your best customers probably aren’t buying what you’re selling. Why?

Because what you’re selling is a collection of features.

And what your customers are buying is a collection of benefits.

What do I mean by that and why does that matter?

Most websites concentrate on selling the features of their product or service — “fast”, “reliable”, “local”, “experienced”, etc.

But your customers are not trying to buy a fast, reliable drill. They’re trying to buy a hole. They want to hang a picture; they want to put up shelves. It’s not about owning a drill.

You don’t use Uber because you get to drive around in someone else’s car. That’s a feature.

You use Uber because you want to be somewhere else. That’s a benefit.

I’ll bet if you look at your website right now, you’ll see many, many features of what you do — you’re professional, you’re passionate about customer service, you have 25 years of experience in the industry….

And I’ll also bet that no more than 20% of those features are tied to a benefit.

Why would your customer care that you’ve been in the industry for 25 years?

What BENEFIT are they getting that they wouldn’t get from someone who’s been in the industry for 20 years?

I know you think but the benefit is obvious. I know you think your reader will see your list of features and easily in their own head connect them to benefits.

I also know that your competitor who switches things around and sells benefits not features will outperfom you every time.

If you want to raise your conversion rate, make sure every single feature you list is connected to a benefit.

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