3 Things to Know Before Forgetting Your Website

Every week I talk to business owners who’ve had “do something about website” on their to-do list for ages, sometimes for years. But they’re too busy, they’re confused about the options, or they don’t know where to start.

Before you push your website down your to-do list for another week, here are a few things you should think about.

1. Your competitors are setting customer expectations

If everyone in your field has a rubbish website, you might not be losing too much business if yours isn’t great either. But if their websites are working properly, they’ll be siphoning off business that could be yours. You need the best website content writer you can find.

2. You’re not making the first impression on your potential customers, your website is

Your website is often the first thing people see of your business. That’s true whether your traffic comes in cold from Google or people have heard about you and go to your website to check you out before calling.

If your website is tired, unfocused and not doing its job well, that’s how your business will come across.

3. Your website should be a constant source of new business

A good website moves visitors along a path from browser to buyer before you’ve even met them. It does this by:

  1. Working to a plan — you know what your website can do and you’ve set it up to do that efficiently
  2. Educating visitors — not everyone who visits your site will know enough to buy from you. You have to educate them so they can buy.
  3. Getting their details — Why do the best websites work so hard to get your email address? Because email marketing is as powerful as it gets.

These clients used us to write their website content and got more business as a result