Is it worth it to hire a copywriter to write my article?

Whether it’s worth it to hire a copywriter to write an article or blog post for your website depends on what you want that article to do.

What sort of article is worth paying a copywriter for?

Unless you’re a talented writer yourself, it’s worth hiring a copywriter if you want a person to:

  • Read all or most of your article or blog post
  • Believe that you’re knowledgeable in your field
  • Contact you, read more on your website or otherwise take a specific action

Is it worth hiring an SEO copywriter to write an article?

SEO copywriting is the art of writing articles that convince Google that your site has good answers to the questions people are typing into Google.

A good SEO copywriter will work together with an SEO agency as part of an SEO strategy.

If you’re taking SEO seriously, it’s probably worth hiring an SEO copywriter, especially if you need many blog posts or articles that you don’t have time to write yourself.

Is it okay to get SEO copywriting done overseas?

SEO copywriting is not complicated on its own, especially if you don’t have a full SEO strategy, so it might be safely left in the hands of someone outside Australia.

However, if you’re hoping for human readers (not just search engine algorithms) you might want a Sydney copywriter who is more likely to understand what your market needs to read — over and above keywords.

How can Taleist help?

If you’re writing a thought leadership piece or an article or blog post that is intended to position you as a credible source of information, Taleist can deliver a thoroughly researched, expertly written blog post that your audience will read and remember.

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