Where can I find copywriters for my website?

If you’re asking where you can find copywriters for your website, we’re specialist website copywriters. But maybe you’re asking how you’d know you’d found copywriters who would be good for your website.

A great place to start is 6 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Website Copywriter. It covers all the key points.

What you ask a potential website copywriter?

After 25 years of copywriting websites, this is our #1 tip for finding a copywriter for a website:

How many questions does the potential copywriter ask you?

Copywriters have lots of questions — not surprising considering that 80% of our job is research. It’s in our nature to ask questions, so much so that it’s sometimes hard to stop asking questions and start writing. We always want to know more.

So if you make an enquiry of a copywriter and they don’t have ten questions for you in return, you’ve probably not found the right person.

Next, how good are the questions the website copywriter asks you? A strong indication is when they ask questions you’ve not thought of but that make you think, “Of course! That’s something we should be thinking about.”

How can Taleist help?

We write whole websites and landing pages for businesses investing in sending traffic to specific pages.

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Also, Taleist has more Copywriting FAQs and a guide to 7 Things Anyone Can Do To Increase Their Conversion Rate. You might want to read that guide before finding a copywriter for your website.

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