How much did copywriting increase your sales?

How much will copywriting increase your sales?

Taleist has increased sales by as much as 433% for clients and doubled lead quality. However, the ability of expert copywriting to increase your sales depends on a number of factors.

The first factor is the quality of the traffic to your website. There isn’t much that copywriting can do if the wrong people are coming to your website. It’s harder to sell ice to Eskimos than Bedouins.

The second factor is the quality of your offer. If your product is low quality, overpriced or otherwise unattractive, your copywriter will be limited in their ability to optimise your conversion rate.

The third critical factor is how good your copywriting is in the first place. If you have great copywriting already, improvements will be made in smaller increments. However, unless you engaged a direct response copywriter in the first place there is a good chance that your copy is ripe for improvement.

How do I know if my copywriting is any good?

If you’re in any doubt that your copywriting is following direct response principles, get an expert copywriter to review your website or to review your landing page.

Where can I find examples of copywriting increasing sales?

Taleist has some copywriting case studies and there are many fascinating case studies of how copywriting for conversion rate optimisation in the book Making Websites Win by Conversion Rate Experts.

How does Taleist’s copywriting increase sales

Our copywriting increases the persuasiveness of landing pages, but we can provide a full service:

  • Creating a marketing strategy that identifies key targets and maps messages to them.
  • Bringing in our traffic partner to drive qualified prospects to your site through SEO or ads on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google.
  • Tweaking, redesigning or rebuilding your website to convert better.

Concise copywriting tips

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Are you’re looking for advice on how to hire a copywriter? Also, we have more Copywriting FAQs here.

Recommended reading about copywriting and how it increases sales

Here are some of the best books you can read on the topic of direct response are:

You should also read the Taleist guide to 7 Things Anyone Can Do To Increase Their Conversion Rate and our case study on reducing the cost-per-lead by 88% for a solar energy provider.