Are copywriters willing to be mentors?

Yes, copywriters are willing to be mentors, but not on a can-I-pick-your-brain basis.

When you ask a copywriter to be a mentor, you’re asking that copywriter to guide you through the maze. You’ll avoid the pitfalls and double-backs. You’ll get to where you want to go faster. And you’ll avoid some — perhaps all — of the heartache your mentor suffered finding their way to where they’ve got to.

You could save yourselves years with a mentoring shortcut.

That’s worth something. And that’s why mentors expect something in return for their advice. Usually, it’s money. (Given that copywriting is about making money for clients, how much would you be likely to learn from a copywriter who doesn’t value their own services?)

Finding the right copywriting mentor

Most importantly, you’re looking for a copywriting mentor who can show you how to get further down the road to where you want to be.

Your mentor doesn’t have to be where you ultimately want to be. They need only to be able to coach you on getting to the next stage faster than you could get there on your own (and with less pain).

If you want to get further than your mentor has, you can change mentors when you’ve got as far as you can with coaching from that mentor.

The coach who can get you to club champion is not the same coach who’ll take you onto the professional circuit. And the second coach isn’t the same one who’ll get you to the Grand Slam.

In fact, the grand slam coach won’t even notice you until you’re on the circuit.

How can Taleist help you find a copywriting mentor?

If you are looking for a copywriting mentor, contact us to talk to a senior copywriter about what you’re looking for in a coach and how we can help.

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